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Risk Assessment

A risky business

Our current Risk Assessments:


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Risk Assessment is nothing more than a structured method to the identification of significant hazards associated with diving, diver training activities and gas filling operations. Risk assessment addresses these activities so that they can be performed more safely. Risk assessment is a common sense approach process and consists of five simple steps that:
    • identifies significant hazards
    • who or what is likely to be affected
    • the risks associated
    • the measures taken to control the risks
    • recording what has been done
Risk assessment is in fact already inherent in the way in which BSAC Branches and individual divers go about organising their training and diving. For example, Dive Planning and Marshalling, includes many activities that are designed to assess and control risk. A risk assessment is simply a structured way in which to address these activities so that they are performed most efficiently and safely.
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