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South Devon dive site plans

Berry Head


Berry Head dropoff

To the east of Berry Head, Brixham lies a fairly challenging drop off. Unfortunately, visibility around Berry Head is rarely very good which means that the drop off is usually dark and it is sometimes not easy to know where you are. Slack water is needed since strong tides pass by the drop off.

The drop off starts from about 20m and goes down to about 35m. There are many colourful plumose anenomes, crab, lobster and a few conger that call it home. There are a lot of narrow gulleys and channels.

The dropoff is an ideal workup for deeper and more adventurous dives. Not for the novice.

Hillsea Point

Hillsea Point (50:17.334 - 04:02.728) consists of a number of submerged pinnacles situated in a strong tidal stream. It is one of the prettiest reefs off South Devon with lots of life on it, but it consists of a confusing maze of gulleys and reefs. One of the highpoints is a swimthrough tunnel about 50 metres long. The tunnel gives a good fixed point as to where you are.

The plan given here was made in June 2009. More remains to be plotted.

Devil's Point - Plymouth

Devil's Point and Eastern Kings provide two excellent Plymouth shore dives where depths of over 40m can be easily reached. However, it may not be obvious how to do these dives. Colin McCracken has provided a plan that shows 4 dives in this area.

Slack water (HW or LW) is highly recommended for these dives since the currents are otherwise strong.

Morris Rogue

This 10m reef is a good Torbay dive - some say this is the best that Torbay offers. Certainly worth diving and here are 2 pictures that show the transits to the shallowest point of the reef.

The Morris Rogue is on a line that connects East Shag, Thatcher's Rock and the Orestone. The Orestone must just peek to the right of Thatcher whereas there is a curve from the mainland through East Shag through to the Morris Rogue.


Alternative Rutts

This is a pleasant Bigbury Bay reef - (50:13.718 - 03:57.351). Situated about 4 miles SW of Challaborough. The highest point of the reef is about 15m and it sweeps down to over 35m in a number of shallow drop offs. There is an extensive top to the reef in about 20m. The Alternative Rutts abounds in reef fish.

Beacon Cove

A useful shore dive site just east of Torbay Harbour. It is sheltered from NW, N and NE winds and is probably diveable in many other weather conditions. Parking is on pay and display about 200 yds away so a little walk is needed. Shore entrance is pebbly and may need a little care.

Tucker Rock

A nice shallow dive near to the Orestone, Torbay. Slack is at HW on neaps. Vis can be variable.

50:27.634N 03:27.812W