Totnes Sub Aqua

Totnes Sub Aqua Club

South Devon is undoubtedly one of the places to live if you are a diver, with enthusiasts from all over the UK coming to the West Country every year just to dive off our coast, where underwater visibility is sometimes as good as 20-30 metres and the water abounds with colourful marine life. The area has as much to offer underwater as it does on land, with spectacular underwater scenery and many local shipwrecks to be visited.
Diving is an exhilarating sport and great fun and, given proper training, it is safer than driving to work or playing football. Totnes Sub Aqua Club runs regular training courses, both for those learning to dive and for more experienced divers wishing to increase their skills, such as boat handling and lifesaving or to gain higher qualifications, either using our own instructors or in conjunction with other local clubs.
New members are always welcome, whether you are a  complete beginner who wants to learn to dive or an experienced diver who would like to join a club that does lots of varied and interesting diving. Diving is organised throughout the year at sites all over South Devon, visiting wrecks like the Persier, the Maine and the James Egan Layne; or more scenic dives such as Hilsea Point, the East Rutts and the famous Eddystone Reef. In the summer there are likely to be evening dives during the week as well as weekend diving, with all levels of experience catered for. We also make regular trips to Cornwall and expeditions to such places as the Scillies, Scotland (Oban and Scapa Flow), Pembroke, Southwest Ireland and the South of France.

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